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Business travel

Business travel policies provide a comprehensive range of benefits covering medical, personal and travel-related events to ensure risks are well prepared for and can be taken care of in a timely manner for the safety and well-being of all.

Group personal accident

Chubb has a proven track record of providing employee benefits solutions to leading brands, including group personal accident insurance for all employee of a company worldwide.

Payment commitment coverage, including for credit cards

We offer insurance solutions tailored to groups of individuals, including card holders, to protect their payment obligations against specific risks such as personal accident. Payment obligations include monthly school fees, rent, monthly insurance premiums, and regular fitness club fees.

Event cover

Chubb covers premises and events welcoming the public (cultural sites, tourist sites, shopping centres, fairs, exhibitions, arts and sports events...) against the risks of accidents for visitors and participants. When an event occurs that affects the health of visitors, Chubb intervenes without waiting for responsibilities to be established.