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Developing digital solutions

When developing the Risk Engineering Exchange and Resource Center applications, the top priority was ensuring that the applications reflected what customers valued and enhanced the customer experience in interacting with Chubb Risk Engineering.  Throughout the development of both applications, we engaged and received feedback from 30 commercial customers representing diverse market segments and various lines of business. These clients validated design concepts and assumptions and then later 'test drove' the applications to provide feedback on navigation, content, and ease of use.  Involving clients in the development of the Risk Engineering Exchange and Resource Center proved to be invaluable.  Customer feedback on the two recently deployed applications has reflected Chubb exceeded customer expectations for its new digital solutions.

Real estate client advisory board

For the several years, we have engaged our valued real estate and hospitality clients, taking their pulse on the issues that concern them most. Using social media platforms and Internet surveys, Chubb has received their feedback on the emerging issues, such as cyber-security, workplace violence, and the aging workforce.  At our in-person meetings for our select Real Estate Client Advisory Board, we provide not only additional opportunities for feedback, but access to our most senior underwriting, risk engineering, and claims management. The group uses this opportunity to express their concerns and receive in many cases, on-the-spot resolution to address those concerns going forward.

We have a wealth of insight on cyber risk