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New risks with unknown claims potential, especially those emanating from the automotive, medical engineering, renewable energies, environmental technology, genetic engineering and nanotechnology sectors, will change the prevailing risk management approach. The individual assessment of risks will therefore become increasingly important in the coming years.

The engineers from our Casualty Risk Engineering team know this, too, and are well prepared for these changes. The engineers have different areas of specialisation, from precision engineering, electronics, automotive engineering and mechanical engineering, to medical engineering, bioengineering and process engineering, enabling them to meet all requirements.

Risk assessment on the basis of

  • Quality management
  • Test planning
  • Technologies
  • Design and process
  • Production batch sizes, batch sizes
  • Traceability
  • Failure mode analysis
  • Simulation of product recall costs, costs

Client service

“Risk improvement recommendations” – specific instructions and measures for reducing or controlling existing risks – are part of casualty risk engineering. Experience has shown that they also have a positive effect on the possibility of product failure and on unpredictable negative consequences such as

  • Damage to the business’s image due to negative press
  • Damage to customer relationships, weakening of the market position

The “risk improvement recommendations” are drawn up in cooperation with the client and implemented as part of existing processes, but they are not compulsory. They are based on the local technical and legal requirements and our engineers’ comprehensive technical expertise.

Your contact

Senior Underwriter Casualty
T +41 79 746 14 75
E Peter Bürkler

At Chubb, we work to understand our clients’ businesses and to assess their risk management systems. By partnering with our clients and their brokers, we aim to minimize claims, reduce losses and achieve best practice in risk management.

From large, complex multinationals to small, single site businesses, Chubb can develop a risk engineering programme to suit your needs, aspirations and budget.

Chubb Casualty Risk Engineering will help you:

  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your risk management systems
  • Maintain regulatory compliance
  • Avoid accidents and injuries
  • Manage claims effectively and efficiently
  • Reduce personal liability at all levels of your organization
  • Achieve the highest standards of health and safety management