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We value a learning culture. Whether you’re gaining experience in your daily work, collaborating with different people on alternative projects, or completing one of the many training courses, you’ll receive the opportunities and resources to support your personal development throughout your career.

You’ll have access to a number of bespoke Chubb courses, whether online, classroom courses or in a Lunch & Learn, to name just a few examples.


As a company we strive to have an inclusive and diverse culture where anyone with expertise, passion and discipline to deliver results can achieve success. This is one of the advantages of our flat management structure.

Our working culture is an agile, ‘can-do’ culture where collaboration, inclusiveness and innovation are cherished.


We build on an agile and activity-based work structure and live flexible working time models. We consciously design our working environment in such a way that we can take advantage of the dynamic of change, exploit our performance potential and realize opportunities. We are successful together if we take into account our individual needs for co-determination, autonomy, meaning and personal growth, as well as creating a framework that makes us as an organization even more networked, flexible and powerful. 

We grant up to 140 days maternity leave, depending on how long an employee has been previously employed for an indefinite period of time. We offer support in reconciling family and career.


We want our employees to feel comfortable. In addition to flexible working hours, we offer health-promoting measures such as highly discounted in-house massages, ergonomic workplaces and health-related events. We also provide support with personal problems.

Our fruit baskets provide a rich supply of vitamins, and tea, coffee or water are available in unlimited quantities. Showers offer the possibility to cycle to work in the morning or to do sports outside during lunchtime. 


With us you will find a comprehensive, competitive and fair benefits & pay package. After a certain period of time, you will also have the opportunity to participate in the Employee Stock Purchase Plan.

Our insurance and pension fund solutions are generously designed. In the event of a recognised illness or accident, it is possible in an unlimited employment relationship, for example, to receive full pay for up to 6 months with subsequent insurance benefits. The insurance premiums are paid by us. You are also well protected on a business trip abroad.

We offer additional services such as a participation in daily travel costs, discounts on insurance products and much more.

Do you have any questions about your career with us?