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Your closest vendor sent you an email asking you to change its banking information. You should trust the vendor, right? Fraudsters can hide in the anonymity of cyber space and can infiltrate even the most secure firms through social engineering. Social Engineering Fraud Coverage for Crime Insurance insures a range of social engineering fraud losses, including: vendor or supplier impersonation, executive impersonation, and client impersonation

Coverage Highlights

The Social Engineering Fraud Endorsement insures a range of social engineering fraud losses when added to a Chubb Crime Insurance policy, including:

  • Vendor or supplier imitation
  • Executive imitation.
  • Client imitation.

Why Your Organization Might Need Insurance for Social Engineering Fraud

  • Frauds of confidence and deception can be difficult to detect and can result in a firm handing over tens of thousands of dollars to a criminal without even realizing it — until it’s too late. Your organization might find it difficult to absorb such a financial impact without feeling dramatic, even devastating effects.
  • Social engineering fraud and scams are increasingly common.
  • Anyone in your organization can be made a victim — even a trusted vendor can be the victim of a hacker who poses as the vendor, redirecting your next payment.
  • Smaller organizations often are more vulnerable to fraud because they may lack financial or wire transfer controls that larger organizations may routinely employ.