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Chubb's Director and Officer Liability coverage is specifically designed to help you protect the personal assets of the directors and officers of your company, as well as the financial well-being of your company itself. As leaders of your company, you can be held personally liable for management decisions. Shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, competitors, and even the government can sue a privately owned company and its board.

A new world of guaranteed results, compliance and ethics standards challenges public companies today to do the near-impossible – please all of their constituents, from shareholders to employees to the government. When lawsuits and other threats to the bottom line hit, they trust Chubb.

Designed by Chubb to help protect publicly held companies from a wide array of potentially devastating financial exposures, Executive Protection from Chubb offers the security they need and assistance in managing their most complex and catastrophic exposures.

Coverage Highlights


Our depth of understanding of directors’ and officers’ roles and exposures allows us to provide bold, clean, broad coverage that stands out in the market.

Full suite of D&O liability coverage options—Chubb is one of the few insurers that can offer organizations a complete spectrum of D&O liability insurance solutions for organizations and individuals.

Multinational D&O Risk

With Chubb, you deal with one globally integrated insurer with the capability to issue local D&O liability insurance policies in more than 40 countries.

We issue locally admitted policies that address jurisdictional risks and other uniquely local D&O liability exposures, written in the local language, ensuring compliance with local insurance regulations and tax laws. This way, you can be confident that your policy will work as intended.

Our flexible, team-oriented process is designed to:

  • Help you clearly identify your company’s unique multinational D&O liability exposures.
  • Build an effective multinational D&O liability insurance program that specifically addresses your exposures.

Loss Prevention

As one of the leading providers of D&O liability coverage, we believe that preventative measures include knowledgeable governance and sound risk management practices. Please take a moment to discover our Canadian Risk Management Guide for Directors and Officers which was developed in association with the law firm Stikeman Elliot LLP.


  • Formal investigation coverage for insured persons
  • Loss includes punitive and exemplary damages and the multiplied portion of any multiple damage award where insurable


Up to $25 million

Client Profile

Any type of public company

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