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Chubb’s 2016 Private Company Risk Survey shows that more than one in four Canadian private companies surveyed experienced a Directors & Officers (D&O) liability loss in the past three years — and 97 percent of those companies were impacted financially. Such losses impact companies of all sizes and industries, ranging from construction, to manufacturers, to retailers and more.

Despite the frequency and impact of these events, many private companies have not purchased D&O insurance to help manage their risks. Why? Because non-buyers mistakenly believe the coverage is unnecessary, either because they are privately held or family run.

This belief stems from the misconception that most suits or fines are brought by shareholders, which is commonly the case in the more highly publicized suits brought against public companies. But for private companies, suits from customers, vendors/suppliers and other third parties most prevalently lead to losses. Even more alarming, when a non-buyer does experience a D&O loss, the average cost is over $200,000 — a sum that can have a serious and potentially devastating impact on any organization’s balance sheet.

Based on information collected by Chadwick Martin Bailey from 412 decision-makers for firms’ management and professional liability risk management and insurance coverage for businesses within select industries in Canada.

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Download our D&O liability insurance and risk management infographic for more findings from the 2016 Private Company Risk Survey.