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Chubb pairs a master policy issued in Canada with local (admitted) policies issued around the world. Chubb’s Controlled Master Program is the gold standard of insurance protection, financial efficiency and superior client services worldwide.

Chubb's General Liability Global Extension Endorsement not only extends the terms and conditions of your domestic North American policy to offer worldwide suits coverage, it provides automatic coverage for Difference in Terms/Conditions and Difference in Limits/Excess for any   underlying insurance that might be placed in an international jurisdiction outside Canada.

Product Highlights

A Controlled Master Program offers distinct advantages over a patchwork of policies approach.

Quality Protection

  • Close insurance gaps with the difference in conditions / difference in limits provision of the master calibre policy while meeting local country requirements.
  • Purchase admitted insurance to gain access to creative insurances that are common in certain countries (e.g., extended products liability and pure financial loss) and existing terrorism pools.

Financial Efficiency

  • Coordinate the purchase of all multinational insurance policies through one carrier to achieve economies of scale that will eliminate duplications and likely reduce insurance costs.
  • Attain tax advantages. In most foreign countries, locally paid premiums are tax deductible, and loss payments are tax exempt.
  • Ensure subrogation benefits by purchasing local insurance.Many countries require admitted insurance in order to subrogate a loss.This can potentially lower insurance costs.

Outstanding Client Service

  • Manage claims consistently with worldwide claims coordination. A Master Controlled Program streamlines settlements by having the same insurer handle admitted and nonadmitted claims.
  • Extend loss prevention programs and business practices with worldwide loss control coordination.Our global network of loss control professionals is well-versed in local regulations and North American standards.

Service and Strength

Chubb Multinational Solutions includes the industry’s leading commercial underwriters, knowledgeable in a broad range of disciplines and geographic regions. We know world markets inside out — from environmental impairment liability in Germany to pure financial loss in France — and stay informed about political and economic developments that can indicate the need for new or updated insurance. In addition, Chubb provides the coordination advantage of one underwriting group dedicated to overseeing all the foreign, as well as domestic, components of your multinational insurance program.

Our innovative portfolio of products is designed to address the casualty needs of companies at any stage of development engaged in worldwide business.