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If you’re a Canada-based organization operating outside North America, you often buy, lease or rent vehicles for use by traveling employees. Driving overseas presents many unique risks arising from language barriers, jet lag, and other unfamiliar driving hazards. Canadian companies may be perceived to have especially deep pockets so their exposure to lawsuits resulting from international auto accidents is very real. Smart firms protect their financial interests with international auto liability coverage.

Product Highlights

  • Auto bodily injury and property damage liability
  • Difference in conditions
  • Auto medical expense
  • Covers accidents worldwide where permitted by law; excludes accidents occurring in Canada; claims/suits may be brought anywhere
  • Applies on a primary basis for non-owned or hired autos
  • No compulsory self-insured retention required
  • "Other kinds of insurance" coverage extension per compulsory admitted automatically contemplated
  • Automatic "Limit Outside Jurisdiction" increase up to $1,000,000