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Playing ball hockey unfortunately entails some risks.

That’s why Hockey Balle Québec provides its members with an insurance policy for amateur sports. It is a simple solution, a responsible one and it's included in the cost of your membership.  

The accidental death and dismemberment insurance program for HBQ is specifically established by Chubb Canada, leader in the industry, and provides the best coverage in case of an accident to HBQ members, as well as a claims service that is fast and professional. A Chubb team is assigned to our policy in order to follow-up with Medical claims reimbursement that could reach up to $10 000. The policy also includes accidental dental insurance coverage up to $5 000.

For more information, please download the booklet below.

Claims Management/Expectations

Claims are acknowledged and assigned within one day of their arrival; we ensure this by monitoring our New Claim Queue for incoming Ré claims. Once the claim forms are received, the initial assessment is completed within 10 business days. At this time we determine if the claim requires additional information or if a claim decision can be rendered. If additional documentation is required, it is requested from the appropriate party. Once the outstanding documentation is received, the claim file is reviewed within 10 business days of receiving the final piece of documentation. Once a decision is rendered, the appropriate letter is sent to the insured.

Booklet & Claim Forms

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For more information contact our Accident & Health team.