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Chubb’s commerical general liability insurance offers primary protection for bodily injury, property damage, advertising property injury and personal property injury.

General liability insurance addresses a wide range of liability loss exposures, falling into two categories:

  • Premises and operations liability — liability for conditions or activities arising out of the property or operations of a company
  • Products and completed operations liability — liability of a company to a user who is harmed by products manufactured, sold or dispersed by the company

General Liability Highlights

  • Worldwide territory coverage for suits brought in North America
  • Vendors automatically included as insureds
  • Real Estate Managers, lessors of equipment and premises, automatically included as insureds
  • Existing subsidiaries, including unscheduled partnerships, joint ventures and professional corporations, included as insureds
  • New subsidiaries, including unscheduled partnerships, joint ventures and professional corporations, included as insureds
  • Contractual liability for bodily injury, property damage, advertising injury and personal injury
  • Broad form property damage
  • Personal injury includes discrimination, harassment and segregation (other than employment-related)
  • Bodily injury includes humiliation, mental anguish, mental injury or shock resulting from physical injury
  • Medical expenses, including injury to insured’s tenants and persons working on insured’s behalf
  • Reporting period for medical expenses protection is three years from date of accident


Commercial General Liability insurance can be purchased either as a package with property insurance, or as a monoline insurance policy. The General liability insurance program can include a blend of traditional insurance and alternative risk financing mechanisms to help manage a company’s risk. Furthermore, the general liability policy form can be purchased on an occurrence basis or a claim-made basis.

With Chubb's General Liability global extension options, your company’s overseas operations receive the same quality protection provided in the domestic program. Chubb can insure domestic and foreign exposures, including protection against differences in conditions/differences in limits contained in policies issued in a foreign country.