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As management, you are responsible for the decisions that drive your organization. This responsibility makes you vulnerable to lawsuits. Chubb’s Financial Institutions Management Protection Liability Policy provides broad insurance coverage for the risks facing directors, officers, and management of public companies.

Coverage Highlights


  • Coverages can be broad and simplified with our suite of enhancement endorsements.
  • Our depth of understanding of directors' and officers' roles and exposures allows us to provide bold, clean and broad coverage that stands out in the market.
  • With Chubb, you deal with one globally integrated insurer to issue local D&O policies in more than 40 countires.
  • As one of the leading providers of D&O Liability coverage, we believe that preventative measures include knowledgeable governance and sound risk management practices. Please take a moment to discover our Canadian Risk Management Guide for Directors and Officers which was developed in association with the law firm Stikeman Elliot LLP.


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