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Even if you have the best working environment, fraud and embezzlement are on the rise. Chubb’s Fidelity bond is designed to protect your organization from the potentially devastating impact of employee and non-employee perpetrated crimes. Our experienced underwriters will work with you to tailor coverage to address specific exposures that may exist in your organization.

Coverage Highlights


Our broad spectrum of comprehensive financial fidelity offerings include the following:

Form-A or 24: For banks, trust companies and other lending institutions

Form-B or 14: For firms in all of the National Instrument 31-103 registration categories of Advisor, Dealer, or Invesment Fund Manager

Financial Institutions Bond for Asset Managers: Provide a unique, cost-effective insurance solutions to give asset managers and their customers peace of mind in the face of today's risks

Form-C or 25: For insurance companies

Social Engineering Fraud Coverage

Even the best-managed company is vulnerable to a smart criminal able to pose as one of your vendors, a new client or employee. With Chubb's social engineering endorsement, you can get additional protection against this costly and hard to prevent crime.