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Chubb's Family Office Amplifier coverage is specifically designed to address the full range of family office service offerings, including Trusts. It can be customized to each family office's insurance needs and easily adapts to organizational changes. Family Offices can select a combination of coverage parts and elect different limits and retentions as appropriate to each coverage part.

Key Features

Chubb's Family Office Amplifier includes coverage features that address many of the most important professional and management liability exposures faced by family offices, including:

  • Allegations of inadequate or inaccurate advice with respect to estate planning or tax planning (e.g., unforeseen tax liabilities and penalties)
  • Allegations of breach of investment guidelines
  • Lawsuits for improper delegation of authority to a third party
  • Alleged failure to treat family members impartially (e.g., disparate treatment of beneficiary classes)
  • Lawsuits for negligent selection and monitoring of outside investment managers
  • Allegations of improper record keeping (e.g., missed exercise date on stock options)
  • Alleged failure to comply with trust agreements (e.g., exceeding authority and administrative errors)
  • Employee discrimination
  • Sexual harrassment