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Policies and programs that help reduce exposures when it comes to your vehicle fleet.

Service Highlights

Corporate Fleet Safety Policy & Program Development helps you establish formal policies and programs that enable your management to effectively implement controls and help reduce exposures.

Driver Safety Award Programs promote, encourage and reward safe driving practices in your organization.

Motor Vehicle Accident Investigation Program includes instruction to help you identify the fundamental causes of accidents in your organization. We also suggest solutions to prevent recurrences of accidents.

Vehicle Preventative Maintenance Programs assists you with systems to keep vehicles in safe, operable condition.

Driver Selection and Management Policies reinforces your commitment to loss reduction. We can assist you with management policies and procedures in fleet loss prevention and suggest training programs for your employees.

Accident Trend Analysis helps you manage your fleet safety program by providing data on the frequency and severity of loss causes.

Formal Review Boards review accidents and determine fundamental causes and accountability and the relief that can be established with Chubb’s help.