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Health Premium Extra - Deductible Rider

Ensure your family member’s health and well-being
Enhance peace of mind
Embrace excellence standard of health care

Health Premium Extra

Live a healthier lifestyle, every stage of life with a new all-in-one health insurance product. A lump sum benefit payment covering medical treatment up to 30,000,000 baht per policy year.

Health Coverage with indemnity payment

Hospital Benefit Fit for the Personal sector from Chubb, a health policy rider that provides daily financial assistance in the event of hospitalisation

Health Delight

Hospital & Surgical (HS) for the personal sector from Chubb, a flexible hospitalisation plan with various medical benefits for various needs. Provides comprehensive care for all ages with intensive protection, while relieve you from financial stress.

Health Delight Plus Co-Payment

A new health rider that responds to your health and financial protection needs. It provides a comprehensive benefit that comes with the various plan options, covering hospitalization expenses due to illness and injury from accident.

20SLPA Package

This insurance package provides complete coverage as your personal welfare. It includes life protection, medical expense benefit, daily indemnity payment, including multi-stage critical illness and accident death coverage

Multi-stage Critical Illness 50

Additional protection that covers medical expense incurred due to the diagnosis of critical illness conditions