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Annuity Ready (Tax deductible)

Annuity Ready, a tax-deductible pension plan to help you make the most of your retirement years

Annuity Ready - 5 Years Payment (tax deductible)

Annuity Ready – 5 Years Payment: a tax deductible pension plan that helps you plan your retirement with more confidence while feeling at ease with a short premium payment term.

Retirement Extra 15

A life time coverage with 15-year premium payment, provides annual cash coupons from the end of the first policy year until age 89, with this cash benefit increasing over time.

Whole Life Extra

A whole life insurance plan with guaranteed annual cash payouts from the end of the first policy year until insured age 89 to assure of your future and security

Retirement Savings

Retirement Savings plan that provides a lump sum payout at maturity, allowing you to spend the rest of your life confidently.