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Group Business Travel Insurance

Chubb offers Group Business Travel Programmes that can cater to every companies travel needs. We can arrange locally admitted policies, and regional or global programmes, to ensure that every employee around the world gets the Travel Insurance cover they need to ensure that neither your Employees nor the Company are out of pocket.

Group Personal Accident Insurance

Group Personal Accident Insurance for the Commercial sector from Chubb, extensive accident coverage and liability protection for employers

Group Smart PA

Group Employee Benefits Insurance ‘Group Smart PA’ for small business to large enterprise with 5-1,000 employees, providing extensive coverage including death and dismemberment from accident and public accident, as well as death from illness with the option of accidental medical expense coverage

Multinational Liability Insurance

Multinational Liability Insurance for the Commercial sector from Chubb, worldwide underwriting services and claims capabilities for large organisations

Insurance Products

We provide a broad range of insurance products, accompanied with extensive underwriting experience and supported by a strong balance sheet to honor our commitment.

Solutions for Major Corporate Clients

The Major Accounts Division at Chubb provides underwriting, risk engineering and claims services for the region’s large, multinational clients and business partners.

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