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Life Protector

A life insurance plan that protects you until 90 years old of age with premium payment period of your choice from 5 to 15 years

Life Protector 90/20

Life Protector 90/20, an insurance plan that helps you and your family sustain the quality of life you desire, no matter what happens

Family Protector Package

Relief your medical expenses burden while being hospitalized with medical lump sum benefit and indemnity payment for your whole family which you can choose from 9 plans with total maximum coverage benefits per insured 10,000,000 THB per policy year

Whole Life

Whole Life, life insurance with flexible payment terms for quality of life you can maintain

Whole Life Extra

A whole life insurance plan with guaranteed annual cash payouts from the end of the first policy year until insured age 89 to assure of your future and security

Supreme Life Protector 90/20

Supreme Life Protector, a life protection plan that increases your benefits over time for enhanced security

20SLPA Package

This insurance package provides complete coverage as your personal welfare. It includes life protection, medical expense benefit, daily indemnity payment, including multi-stage critical illness and accident death coverage

Life Protector Plus

Life Protector Plus, life insurance with broad coverage to protect you and your family from all angles