Life Protector - whole life insurance plan with short payment period

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Long term safeguard for the future of your loved ones with short-term premium payment

Life Protector provides a whole life coverage plan with premium payment options: 5, 10 or 15 years. This offers more flexibility in financial planning and lets you easily manage for other priorities in life afterwards.

Highlighted Benefits

  • Life coverage until 90 years old of age
  • Premium payment options: 5, 10 or 15 years
  • Riders attachable according to your needs, e.g. health, accident, and dread disease coverage
  • Maturity benefit at 100% of sum assured or total paid premium amount, whichever is higher
  • In case of death before the end of contract, 100% of sum assured, policy cash value, or total paid premium amount of the basic plan, whichever is higher to be paid to the beneficiary
  • Personal income tax deduction benefit up to THB 100,000 of paid premium following the conditions of Thailand Revenue Department (read more)

Policy Benefit Diagram

life insurance, whole life, life protector

Remark: % shown above is percentage of sum assured
* or CV or total premium paid, whichever is higher
** or total premium paid of main policy, whichever is higher

Premium Discount

Sum assured equal or above THB 1,000,000


Discount per sum assured THB 1,000
Life Protector 5 THB 2
Life Protector 10 THB 2
Life Protector 15 THB 1.5

Preliminary Underwriting Guideline

  • Insured age: 31 days until 70 years old
  • Minimum sum assured: THB 100,000

Exclusions of insurance coverage

  1. Non-disclosure or misrepresentation of any facts
  2. Commit suicide within 1 year or intentionally being murdered by the beneficiary

Policy applicants should study, read, and comprehend about coverage details and conditions before deciding to purchase. The company's underwriting guideline will be applied. For more information, the insured can find from policy contract.

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