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Health Claim for Hospital and Surgical (H&S) Rider, Hospital Benefit (HB) Rider, Personal Accident (PA) Rider, and Other Riders

The documents required for processing of health insurance claim are as follows:

  • The company's Claim Request Form – the Insured completes the information required on page 1 and the doctor fills in page 2.
  • Original receipt for medical expenses (only the original receipt is acceptable). Exceptions are only permitted in the event of the Insured claiming from another insurance company/provider. In this case, the Insured must submit the copy of the bill and the full payment details of any other claims together with the company's Claim Request Form. The company will pay only the remaining medical expenses, not exceeding the benefit coverage amount.
  • Summary of medical expenses.
  • Other medical documents, if any, e.g. medical examination.

Note: The Insured's signature on the Claim Request Form must be the same as in the Insured's policy document.

Download Claim Request Form