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Health Premium Extra - Deductible Rider







Ensure your family member’s health and well-being

Enhance peace of mind

Embrace excellence standard of health care

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Enjoy lower premium rate of up to 48%
A lump sum benefit payment covering medical treatment up to 30,000,000 baht per year*.
Double maximum lump sum benefit payment, for 10 specified critical illnesses**, up to 60,000,000 baht per year*.
A lump sum benefit payment of up to 100,000 baht for 10 specified critical illnesses**.
Coverage is available for infants as young as 31 days old
Daily benefits are provided for children aged between 31 days and 5 years old if diagnosed with 5 common illnesses
Highlighted Benefits
  • Level up  the actual cost coverage with annual limit up to 30 million baht per policy year*
  • Worry free  double maximum lump sum benefit payment for 10 specified critical illnesses** up to 60,000,000 baht per policy year* and coverage continues for next 3 policy year*.
  • No worries a lump sum benefit payment of up to 100,000 baht, for 10 specified critical illnesses**.
  • Comprehensive coverage for treatment of chronic kidney disease and cancer treatments of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
  • Feel comfy a lump sum benefit payment, when being admitted in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at actual cost.
  • Complete annual coverage for a health checkup, vaccinations, and dental treatment ****
  • Happy coverage for rehabilitation after being discharged from hospital.
  • Inclusive coverage policies can be bought for children as young as 31 days old, without the need for parents to purchase a policy for themselves.
  • Special Hospital Daily Benefit for children aged 31 days to 5 years. for a maximum of 1,000 baht per day for inpatient treatment of five common illnesses: hand, foot, and mouth disease, influenza, dengue fever, RSV virus, and pneumonia. (Maximum 7 days per hospitalization)
  • Premium reduction choose from a range of deductible options between 30,000 - 150,000 baht per year* to lower your premiums.
  • Expand coverage emergency overseas travel during the first 90 days of each trip.
  • Confident provides benefits of hospital and surgical that covers until aged 86 years old.
  • Receive the benefit from personal income tax deduction for premium paid, according to the requirements of The Revenue Department (Learn more).

Coverage and Benefits Health Premium Extra Deductible Rider


  • Extra perks like compensation for severe illness and daily medical care for insured children do not count towards the maximum benefit per insurance policy year.
  • Hospital Daily Benefit for critical illness and children aged 31 days to 5 years are excluded from the maximum benefit per policy year.
  • The expense for medical treatment injury covers outpatient within 24 hours of an accident, annual health check-ups, vaccination, dental treatment, hospital daily benefit for critical illness and children aged 31 days to 5 years, are excluded from the initial deductible amount that needs to be absorbed by the insured.

*per policy year.
**10 specified critical illnesses: Invasive Cancer, Bacterial meningitis, Chronic Kidney Failure, Chronic Liver Disease / End-stage Liver disease / Liver failure, Acute Heart Attack, Major Stroke, Surgery to Aorta, Coronary Artery By-pass Surgery, Open Heart Surgery for the Heart Valve, Major Organs Transplantation or Bone Marrow Transplantation

***Coverage includes protection against five diseases: hand, foot and mouth disease, influenza, dengue fever, RSV virus disease, and pneumonia.

**** For coverage plans up to 30 million baht per policy year.


The table above is merely a summary of key benefits, conditions, and exclusions. 


Preliminary Underwriting Guideline
  • Applicable insured age
    > Plan 1-4: 31 days - 70 years old (Renewable up to aged 85 years old)
    > Plan 5: 6-70 years old (Renewable up to aged 85 years old)
    > Plan 6: 16-70 years old (Renewable up to aged 85 years old)
  • Subject to underwriting rules, a health checkup is performed.
Preliminary conditions and exceptions
  • Any pre-existing conditions and illnesses that occur within 30 days after the policy effective date, or the latest effective date in the case of policy reinstatement (waiting period)
  • Chronic diseases, uncured illnesses, and injuries, including the treatment of congenital and genetic diseases and learning disabilities before the policy effective date.
  • Ordinary health check-up, diagnostic test or any treatment requests which are beyond medical necessity or standard.
Policy applicants should read and understand about coverage details and conditions before deciding to purchase. Company underwriting guideline will be applied. Coverage details and conditions are as stated in policy contract.
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