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Peace of mind with no income loss while being hospitalized

Peace of mind with Hospital Benefit Fit Health Rider that provides daily indemnity payment when you are confined to a hospital due to illness and injury from accident. Help you reduce burden of income earning on the days you are hospitalized and not able to work.

Benefits of Hospital Benefit Fit Rider

When you get ill or injured and have to be hospitalized, the company will pay indemnity for the benefit amount per day according to the sum assured for the number of days staying in the hospital as in-patient up to a maximum of 365 days per each injury or illness.

Insured age

  • 0-60 years old (coverage until 69 years old)

Policy applicants should study, read, and comprehend about coverage details and conditions before deciding to purchase. Please find more information from policy contract. In addition, company underwriting guideline will be applied.

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