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Start-up Monthly Disability Cover

Insurance that provides a monthly "agreed value" benefit to help compensate for losses a new business may face if a life assured is unable to work as a result of an injury or illness.

Why do you need Start-up Monthly Disability Cover?

The smaller the business, the greater the reliance there is on one or two key  employees. You and the key employees in your business are its most valuable assets. The expertise and knowledge you and your key people contribute is essential to the running and success of your business.

Start-up Monthly Disability Cover is specifically designed to protect new businesses from the financial impact caused if you or a key person are unable to work due to an illness or injury, by providing an agreed value monthly benefit to help your business stay afloat while you or a key person recovers.

For new businesses it can be difficult to prove profitability to justify agreed value levels of cover. If your business has been in operation for 3 years or less, Start-up Monthly Disability Cover allows you to choose a sum insured amount from $1,000 per month to a maximum of up to $8,000 per month coverage.


Start-up Monthly Disability Cover provides several benefits that are built into the cover as well as some options you can choose to add at an additional cost.


Seasonal Adjustment Benefit and Farm Consultancy Benefit are only available to Farmers and those working in the Agriculture industry.


  • Intentional self-harm including attempted suicide
  • Taking part in a criminal activity
  • Pregnancy or complications resulting from pregnancy, unless the disability lasts more than 90 days after the pregnancy
  • Not following the advice and treatment of, or under the regular care of, a medical practitioner.

Other business insurance income as a result of the same disability will be offset.

Mandatory cover required to access: Premium Cover

Occupation classes: 1-4

Your occupation class is determined by the work you do. Your financial adviser will be able to help you work out what occupation class will apply to you.

Is Assurance Extra Business for me?
Is Assurance Extra Business for me?

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