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Products Liability Insurance

Exposure to global product liability regulations

As shoppers become more digitally sophisticated and better aware of their rights, you’ll find your company vulnerable to lawsuits, whether you’re a manufacturer, exporter or retailer.

Beyond protecting your business against litigation, our product can also help minimise your exposure to global product liability regulations if you have operations abroad.


Market specialisation

Food and beverage (manufacturing, distribution, retailing)

Industrial (both light and heavy)

Services (including banks, hotels, telecommunications)

Wholesale and retail of consumer goods

  • Can be purchased on a stand-alone basis
  • Tailored wording
  • Wide Chubb network of over 54 countries and territories, including USA and Canada
  • Availability of casualty risk engineering capabilities
  • Large capacity
What it Covers
  • Legal expenses
  • Consequential loss of use
  • Product recall expenses

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