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Dave's Story

How Key Person Replacement Cover helped save a Lower Hutt business

A year after a serious mountain biking accident, Dave Jensen was still struggling to hold a knife and fork. Dave was riding a downhill track when he missed a landing on a large jump and crashed, resulting in several compound fractures through his forearms.

“I’m an experienced mountain biker and it was just another day out with my mate and me. After the fall, when I looked down and saw my bones, I knew it was pretty serious.” Dave reflects.

Dave owns WAGS (Wellington Automotive Gearbox Specialists) in Petone, north of Wellington which he set up in 2011. WAGS now employs five full time staff who work alongside Dave, including his 20 year old son Cory and is a busy and successful business with a loyal customer base.

Being unable to even hold a pen after the accident, Dave knew his business could be in trouble.

“I’m very hands-on in the workshop, plus several customers like dealing with me personally as they have for years, so my biggest concern was WAGS’ continuity and our ability to operate without me.”

Thankfully Dave had been working with Independent Financial Adviser Robbie Schneider from Succession First who specialises in risk management. A few years ago Robbie had spoken to Dave about the importance of business insurance and specifically recommended Chubb Life’s “Key Person Start Up” business policy. This policy has enabled Dave to financially support his business - twice – once during the recovery period for a knee injury, and for the last two years after his mountain biking accident.

“I was formerly fairly skeptical about the need for insurance, it seemed like an expense when nothing usually goes wrong. But I am so grateful to have had it in place. I’ve received a monthly payment from Chubb Life for almost two years which has enabled me to keep the business running, my customers looked after and importantly keep my staff employed.”

Robbie was integral to the process with Dave’s wife Char calling him immediately after the accident.

“Robbie visited us in hospital and started the claims process. He’d already advised me on the importance of having a Power of Attorney so Char was able to sign all the documents because I was physically unable to. His help has been invaluable.”

“Robbie referred me to the Chubb Life claims team who took over and helped set up the regular payments. They were so helpful, reminding me of what needed to happens and were friendly and sympathetic.”

Reflecting on the accident and the time taken to recover, Dave feels he’s very lucky.

“Two years on I’m able to go mountain biking again and love going with Riley, my eight year old, and I’ve been back on the tools which feels great. It doesn’t bear thinking about where we’d be if we hadn’t had the insurance, I’m just very grateful that our outcome has allowed life to continue without massive upheaval. I’d say to anyone thinking about protecting the most important person or people in your business (which is often you), can you afford not to have insurance? It’s saved my business and allowed me to recover properly and without stress.”

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