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Specific Injury Cover

Insurance that pays a lump sum if you or a key person sustains one of the covered injuries as a result of an accident.

Why do you need Specific Injury Cover?

Accidents can happen at any time, and the injuries sustained by you or a key person could vary from minor to major. However, the impact on your business could be severe, especially if it meant either of you couldn’t work or had to take time off. This cover can help minimise the financial impact on the business.

You’ll receive a lump sum and it’s your choice how you use the money.

Specific Injury Cover can help fill in gaps that other insurance doesn’t cover, or where ACC might not pay out.

Offsets do not apply to any benefits paid under Specific Injury Cover, giving you more certainty at claim time. Specific Injury Cover can only be selected along with at least one of the following on the same policy:

  • Life Cover with a minimum sum insured of $100,000
  • Monthly Disability Cover or Start-up Monthly Disability Cover with a minimum sum insured of $1,500 per month.
    For Monthly Disability Variable Cover, this will be based on the average monthly sum insured over 12 months.

  • Intentional self-harm including attempted suicide
  • Taking part in a criminal activity
  • If you don’t survive for at least 14 days after suffering the injury.
Is Assurance Extra Business for me?
Is Assurance Extra Business for me?

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