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Premium Cover

Insurance that pays your policy premiums if you, or a key person in your business, become disabled and are unable to work.

Why do you need Premium Cover?

If you or a key person were to become disabled and unable to contribute to the business, then business priorities would change. With the right insurance in place you shouldn’t have to tighten your purse strings too much. Premium Cover assists your business by paying for the cost of your policy for the entire time you are on claim, meaning you have one less thing to budget for. 

Premium Cover is an integral part of Monthly Disability Cover and Start-up Monthly Disability Cover, but it’s just as important to have alongside all of our other Assurance Extra Business Covers such as:

Regardless of the covers you choose, Premium Cover will pay your premium should you become disabled.

Benefit details

Premium Cover provides several benefits that are built-in to the cover.



  • Intentional self-harm including attempted suicide
  • Taking part in a criminal activity
  • Pregnancy or complications resulting from pregnancy, unless the disability lasts more than 90 days after the pregnancy
  • Not following the advice and treatment of, or under the regular care of, a medical practitioner
  • Increases to the total premium from increasing your cover or adding new covers while on Premium Cover claim.

It's mandatory to have Premium Cover if you have Monthly Disability Cover or Start-up Monthly Disability Cover.

Occupation classes: 1-4

Your occupation class is determined by the work you do. Your financial adviser will be able to help you work out what occupation class will apply to you.

Is Assurance Extra Business for me?
Is Assurance Extra Business for me?

Find the right cover

To make sure you choose the right cover for your needs, you'll need the help of a qualified Financial Adviser. We can connect you with an Adviser near you.

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