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Terms and Conditions For Delivery Of Electronic Document(/s) via E-mail from Chubb Insurance Malaysia Berhad (“Chubb”)

For the purposes of this terms and conditions, Your policy document/jacket sent to you in an electronic form through the medium of my computer terminal, mobile or any other types of devices which can be viewed online is referred to as “Electronic Document".

Please read the terms and conditions set out below if You have registered for the delivery of Your Electronic Document(/s) to Your email address.

In requesting and registering for this service, You make the following declaration and agree unconditionally to be bound by the following terms and conditions (including all amendments, revisions and additions, which We may at Our discretion effect from time to time upon giving notice to You):

  1. I understand that internet transmission lines are not encrypted and that e-mail is not a secure means of transmission. You acknowledge and accept that such unsecure transmission methods involve the risk of possible unauthorized alteration of data and/or unauthorized usage thereof for whatever purposes. I agree to absolve Chubb from any and all responsibility and liability arising from such misuse and further agree to hold Chubb free and harmless from all losses, costs, damages and expenses that may be suffered by me due to any errors, delays or problems in transmission or unauthorized or illegal interception, alteration, manipulation of electronic data or otherwise caused by using e-mail as a means of transmission.

  2. I am aware of all security risks including the risk of the content of my Electronic Document (s) becoming known to third parties. I agree that I shall not hold Chubb in any way responsible for the same and agree that the same shall not be considered as a breach by Chubb of its confidentiality obligations.

  3. The use and storage of any information including without limitation, the password, account information, account balances, transaction activity and any other information available on my personal computer is at my own risk and my sole responsibility and liability.

  4. Chubb would be deemed to have delivered the Electronic Document(s) to me when Chubb sends the Electronic Document(s) to my email address. 

  5. I agree to examine and view online the Electronic Document(s) in a timely and prompt manner. If there is delay or failure in the delivery of the Electronic Document(s) (“Non-receipt”) or there is any error, irregularity, discrepancies, claims or unauthorised debits or items (“Error”) appearing in the Electronic Document(s), I shall notify Chubb immediately by sending to Chubb an e-mail to or calling Chubb’s Customer Service number at 1-800-883-226. If any Non-receipt or Error is not reported to Chubb within the number of days from the Electronic Document(s) Date(s) I shall be deemed conclusively to have accepted all the matters contained in the Electronic Document to be true, accurate and correct in all respects.

  6. I agree that all my online or electronic communications including requests or reports on any Error in my Electronic Document(s) will be by way of sending an email to or calling Chubb’s Customer Service number at  1-800-883-226 and all such communications shall contain the following information: (a) name and account number; (b) details of the error; and (c) such other information as required by Chubb.

  7. If there is any change to or irregularity in my mailing, email address or other particulars relevant to this Agreement, I have the responsibility to ensure that Chubb is immediately notified of such change or irregularity.

  8. I agree that Chubb shall not be liable for any non-delivery, disruption or technical failure through no fault of Chubb, that prevents me from receiving and/or viewing my Electronic Document(s) sent via e-mail. I agree that I shall notify Chub immediately if there is any non-receipt of, or error in, my Electronic Document(s).