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Q: What does lifetime warranty in repair mean?
A: The lifetime warranty specifically warrants the repair work and paint on the damaged parts of your vehicle for as long as you own the vehicle. Any parts replaced during the repair, will have either the same warranty period as the manufacturer’s warranty (if the vehicle is still under the warranty period) or the part manufacturer’s warranty, whichever is longer.

Q: If my vehicle is under warranty, will repairing my vehicle at a Chubb preferred repairer void the warranty on my vehicle?
A: Chubb and the repair shop will warranty any repairs to your vehicle as described in the definition of lifetime warranty above. The manufacturer’s warranty will remain intact for all parts not repaired or replaced during the repair of your vehicle. 

Q: Is there a Chubb Preferred Repairer (CPR) in my area? 
A: There are 34 CPRs throughout Malaysia, so there should be a CPR near you. A list of the CPR locations can be obtained from Chubb’s corporate website.

Q: How do I contact a CPR if I have been involved in an accident?
A: Call 1300 88 0128 immediately from the scene of the accident. Our call center will dispatch a tow truck to transport your vehicle to the nearest CPR and provide the concierge services listed above. If your vehicle has suffered only minor damages and can still be driven, please call our call center at the same number.  Upon receiving your details, a CPR will contact you to make arrangements for repair of your vehicle.