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Dear Valued Partners,

We would like to invite you to participate in a short survey to gather your opinions and feedback on the potential opportunities for Home Insurance. 

Our intention is to offer Home Insurance to the Corporate Account’s employees as part of the Employee Benefits program.

Your responses will help us establish benchmarks and identify trends. They are also key in determining the product designs and features.

It will only take around 5-10 minutes to complete this survey.

As a token of appreciation, those who have completed the survey will receive a mystery gift from Chubb.

Section A

1. Do you currently service Employee Benefits insurance programs to your Corporate Accounts?*

   2. Could you advise us approximately the number of Corporate Accounts that you are currently servicing?

   3. From the total Corporate Accounts that you are currently servicing, please indicate the estimated percentage
   of them that falls within the below range number of employees.*









4. What are the top 3 industries of the Corporate Accounts?*                                          







Section B

   1. Of all your Corporate Accounts, how many percentage that offers Employee Benefits insurance program?
   Please state (%):

   If the Employee Benefits insurance program is offered, please indicate the estimated percentage for the
   following: *

2. Would you consider promoting Home Insurance that provides cover for the Home Building and Contents as part of the Employee Benefit insurance programs?*
3. What would be the concern for you and the Corporate Account employees if Home Insurance is going to roll out as an Employee Benefit insurance program?

  4.   What are the top 3 factors that would help you in promoting and securing a Home Employee Benefits
  insurance program to your Corporate Account? (e.g.: Brokerage Fees, Incentives, Special Coverage Extension) *





Section C

1. Do you think it is viable to convince the Human Resource of the Corporate Account to offer Home Insurance on a Mandatory basis?

   2. What will attract the employees the most in order for them to purchase the Home Insurance cover on a
   Voluntary Basis?











Lastly, we need your details as we will be sending you a gift as token of appreciation. 

Privacy Notice

Personal Data Protection Notice

By providing your personal information, you are deemed to have given consent and authorisation to Chubb to collect, use and/or disclose (whether in or outside of Malaysia) your personal information supplied to Chubb, to our affiliated companies or third party service providers for the purpose of contacting you by all modes of communication including telephone calls, SMS, emails or Faxes in order to respond to your enquiry and to receive marketing, advertising and promotional information, messages, materials and/or documents about Chubb’s products and/or services. You understand that you can choose to unsubscribe at any time if you no longer wish to receive any marketing/promotions from Chubb by writing to Please refer to Chubb’s Personal Data Protection Notice for more information.

Please confirm you have read and agreed to the above and the Chubb’s Personal Data Protection Notice.

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