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Whether you’re a software developer, technology service provider, network / telecommunications provider, or electronics / hardware manufacturer, you are faced with a highly dynamic marketplace that is constantly changing. Convergence, social media, big data analytics and cloud computing has created a transformative marketplace.

Your risks have evolved and grown. Your internal talent coupled with your vendor partners and supply chain has taken on a whole new meaning when faced with tight product development and production deadlines. Now add in cyber risks that not only disclose, alter, or deny access to regulated confidential and classified data, but can be the catalyst for causing physical injury or property damage – a cyber-physical event.

Chubb has technology-focused risk engineering expertise that stays on top of the latest technology trends and provides guidance to keep its customers operational and out of the media. Examples of services Chubb has provided for its technology clients include:

  • Business continuity risk assessments
  • Property protection addressing fire detection and suppression, reduction of fire exposures, chemical storage, and water intrusion identification and evaluation
  • Risk control programs
  • Product liability reviews
  • Errors & Omissions management
  • Cyber security impact and subsequent assessment

Chubb Risk Engineering Services has been supporting technology customers since the industry’s inception.

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