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The opportunity to share local, regional and global best practices that permit the expansion of our knowledge, abilities and support networks.


The company’s development programs have been conceived specifically to satisfy the needs of our talent at Chubb and are scheduled regularly throughout the year to offer a constant and dynamic growth.


Chubb employees have superior technical skills, and we offer many specific training options to develop the best technical underwriters in the industry. Our staff work in close collaboration with industry leaders and the technical experts in their team, allowing them to maximize their contribution to the company and at the same time enhance their professional experience.


Whatever their level of experience, as an individual contributor or in management positions, we have various improvement programs to train our leaders.

Development of Key Talent

To achieve the full potential of our Key Talent, we offer Regional and Global programs.

The Key Talent programs are very exclusive, as they offer the opportunity to interact with Chubb’s executive team, broaden their network of internal contacts through various areas of the companies regionally and globally, as well as to receive information about the industry and our business. It also allows for participation in training exercises with external consultants who help our talent to develop their unique leadership style.