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Our service

If you or your directors receive a civil claim and need legal representation, Chubb has negotiated preferential and discounted rates, for the benefit of all current Chubb ForeFront and EPL policyholders.

Subject to the terms of your policy, our partner will provide you with start-to-finish legal representation in connection with any civil claim. This will include:

Dealing with claims within the Pre-Action Protocol

Our partner will assist you in dealing with any civil claim under the relevant Pre-Action Protocol.  This will include responding to any formal Letter of Claim and, where appropriate, resolving the dispute within the Pre-Action Protocol. 

Responding to civil proceedings

If proceedings are issued against you, our partner will assist you in responding to the claim.  This will include taking initial steps to acknowledge the claim and drafting a Defence.  Our partner will then advise you in relation to every stage of the litigation.  This includes any formal disclosure exercise and the preparation of witness  or expert evidence.  They will also ensure that you are legally represented at any hearing or trial and that you are comfortable with your part in the proceedings.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Civil claims are often resolved by some form of dispute resolution, such as mediation.  Our partner will guide you through any ADR process and represent you at any dispute resolution meeting.  Where appropriate, they will provide advice on settlement strategy and seek to resolve claims with as little disruption to the business as possible.

Concluding matters

If any matters need attending to following a trial or ADR, our partners’ service will continue until the matter is fully concluded. While it is not expected this to be needed very often, our partner service includes dealing with any ancillary matters following a trial and, if appropriate, consideration of an appeal.

If you would like our partner to provide your legal representation, please inform your broker when you notify them of the claim under your Chubb policy.