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What do you need to provide?

You just need to provide your policy number, the name of your company or organisation and the name of your broker (we will need this information to assist with your query) to our partner when you contact the helpline.

When would you use the helpline?

At the earliest possible opportunity when a potential problem arises relating to any employment issue, regulatory matter (for example a HSE or criminal investigation) or any other matter which gave rise to a claim against a director or officer (for example misrepresentation).

Call the helpline if :

  • You have a problem concerning any recruitment process
  • You need to know what to do with an employee complaint or grievance
  • You have a potential problem with bullying or harassment involving an employee
  • You are made aware of an allegation of discrimination involving an employee
  • You have a problem with an employee absent from work for any reason including long term sickness
  • You believe you may need to give an employee a warning or you are thinking about dismissal
  • You are notified of a concern by any regulator or investigator (including the police, SOCA, the HSE, the EA, local Trading Standards Officer or the European Commission)
  • Your business is being raided by the police or any other regulator

Exclusions from the helpline

This Helpline is not to be used to notify claims.  Should you need to notify a claim please contact your broker or email

Detailed consideration of documents/evidence is outside the scope of the helpline as is amending and/or drafting documents. It does not include guidance on matters involving collective employment law rights (for example, it does not include collective consultation redundancy procedures or TUPE consultation procedures), trade unions or industrial action. The helpline function is not intended to be used as a substitute for comprehensive legal advice and/or representation and the helpline is not intended for use where the insurance policy has triggered.