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Chubb Forefront policyholders also have the benefit of a free one-hour commercial and employment contract review provided by our partner law firm. Any support needed beyond the free one-hour review can be negotiated directly with our partner law firm.

The contract support involves a free one-hour commercial contract review where our partner will assist with establishing:

  • Does the contract clearly set out what each party’s obligations and
    requirements are?
  • Are the payment terms clear?
  • Is it clear what should happen if something goes wrong?
  • Does the contract contain any onerous terms concerning the
    limitation of liability?
  • Does the contract contain robust confidentiality terms?
  • Is the contract consumer law compliant?


Additionally, there is a free one hour employment contract, policy and procedure review to assist with establishing:

  • Does the contract contain the particulars as required by section 1 of the Employment Rights Act 1996?
  • Does it adequately limit the rights of the employee during the probation period?
  • Does the wording give any contractual rights concerning
    discretionary benefits?
  • Can the company rely on the right to vary flexibility clause or does it need to be extended?
  • Do wages comply with NMW rates? Is there a right to make deductions from wages with regard to monies due, overpayments etc?
  • Do hours of work comply with the Working Time Regulations? Are opt out agreements required?
  • Are post-termination restrictions reasonable?
  • Does the company have adequate rights concerning sickness benefits in terms of medical investigation and right to dismiss?
  • Does holiday pay comply with the Working Time Regulations? Do they need further clarification in terms of notice rights, calculations and accrual provisions?
  • Does the company have the right to pay the employee in lieu of notice or to place the employee on garden leave?