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Accident & Health

Accident & Health – wide ranging cover for employees, their travel and belongings.

Casualty Risk Engineering

Tailored risk improvement programmes enabling businesses to avoid losses and achieve best practice.

Commercial Combined

Products and Services for Commercial Combined from Chubb offer flexible solutions for particular risks faced by businesses from retailers to machinery manufacturers.

Cyber Risk

Servers fail. Hackers succeed. Data corrupts. The dangers are clear and present. In an age where new technologies and threats develop quickly, we offer comprehensive protection.


Our experienced team of underwriters, risk managers and claims technicians provides specialised and flexible solutions to meet the insurance needs of commercial, residential and civil engineering construction projects.

Crime - FraudProtector

Leading crime insurance cover designed to provide broad protection for businesses.

Directors & Officers Liability

Market-leading cover, backed up by our experienced team of underwriters and specialist claims professionals.

Employment Practices Liability

Chubb recognises that recent years have been extraordinarily active in shaping workplace law and we provide comprehensive solutions.


As a leading supplier of cover to a broad range of businesses within the energy sector, Chubb can offer you the ultimate protection and support.

Environmental Risk

Environmental losses can severely disrupt a business leading to potentially devastating financial, operational and reputational damage.

Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion

Kidnap, ransom and extortion insurance from Chubb includes wide ranging cover and the knowledge that you will be advised through the situation by the best in the business. We believe no other insurer provides such comprehensive coverage.


Chubb’s underwriters across the UK & Ireland have the knowledge and authority to give you timely decisions without the need for constant referral to head office - backed up by Chubb’s unrivalled expertise in liability insurance.

Life Sciences

Chubb offers tailored solutions specifically designed for companies operating in all areas of life science, irrespective of their size, stage of develop or location.

Management Liability

Chubb leads the way in management liability cover, providing the right solutions across the board and a wealth of expertise whatever the need.


Products and Services for Marine Insurance from Chubb create a bespoke solution for a wide variety of shipping needs.

Multinational Partner

Businesses are increasingly taking advantage of trading opportunities across borders. Understanding and managing multinational risks can be challenging. Chubb’s support for clients and their brokers when choosing the right cover has never been more valuable.

Operational Power

Electrical and mechanical machinery or boiler and pressure plants are vital to so many industries. Their damage or breakdown and the consequential business interruption could be disastrous.

Pension Trustee Liability

In recent years, the number of duties and obligations placed on trustees has grown as a result of government intervention, making the role of trustee more onerous than ever. Trustees who breach these increasingly complex responsibilities may place their personal assets at risk or, in certain circumstances, find themselves liable for civil and criminal penalties.

Professional Indemnity

If you have clients offering professional advice, whether they are traditional professions or new emerging professions, they need protection in case they are challenged over that advice and need to pay compensation.

Property and casualty risk engineering

Tailored risk improvement programmes enabling businesses to avoid losses and achieve best practice. Our goal is to help you manage risk by creating long-term property solutions to assure your success as a business owner. We help you manage risk by creating solutions that combine with your business operations to identify and reduce or remove causes of loss and the impact on the bottom line.

Property Insurance

Whether your clients are medium-sized UK & Ireland organisations or the largest multinational corporations, you can access tailored insurance solutions from our knowledgeable underwriters around the UK & Ireland and at Lloyd’s.


An increasing proportion of public and private contracts today require security, such as a surety bond or guarantee, for contractual obligations. The regular need for these products can reduce the availability of bank credit lines and impact the financial flexibility required for working capital purposes and to finance investments.

Technical Risks Engineering

Tailored risk management programmes for Power Plants and Construction Projects.

Terrorism and Political violence

Comprehensive and flexible cover from Chubb for business in the UK & Ireland and overseas in increasingly unstable times.

Transport Risk Management

Access to a team of transportation professionals with experience of seagoing and port operations and freight forwarding in the assessment of risk and safe delivery of different cargo types worldwide.