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Avoid under insurance through our appraisal service

Unlike most insurers, we don't make under-insurance your problem by leaving you to guess the amount of cover you need. We have our own team of expert appraisers who provide a free service to establish the rebuild cost of your property. To learn more, visit Appraisal Service.

Full cost of damage and rebuild is covered

Once your home is appraised, we can offer our "Extended Replacement Cost guarantee". Chubb will rebuild your damaged home exactly as it was before - even if it costs more than we originally agreed in the policy. And to maintain your standard of living, if a property is being rebuilt, we will pay for you to stay in a comparable property.

We do not give unlimited cover for a few unusual buildings, but we will agree an appropriate value with you and pay up to the building’s agreed maximum sum insured.

Your choice of contractors

We allow you to choose your contractors and craftsmen. Most insurers insist that you use their contractors. This is cheaper for them, but specialist repair can be paramount to the future market value of your property.

"All risks" worldwide cover, including accidental loss and damage

Our broad cover means all your possessions are automatically covered wherever you are in the world for accidental loss and damage, including breakage - even when travelling or in storage.

No restrictive conditions or "warranties"

Many insurers' small print can restrict your lifestyle. Chubb doesn't do this. We rely on your natural concern to care for your possessions. For example, unlike other insurers, we don't insist you set your alarm every time you leave the house for just 5 minutes.

We settle on a "new for old" basis

When replacing your contents, Chubb pays you what it costs to replace the item today, up to the agreed level of your sums insured. So all your possessions, from sports equipment to valuable antiques, are covered, without deduction or depreciation - even clothing.

Choice of cash or repair/replacement

You can choose to receive cash, up to the policy limit, if you decide not to rebuild your home or replace your possessions in the event of a total covered loss.

All homes on one policy

All your homes can enjoy the same exceptional cover on the same policy as your main residence.

Identity fraud and family protection cover

Chubb provides cover for identity fraud, kidnap, car jacking, aggravated burglary, air rage and stalking incidents within a home policy. We help to overcome the financial, physical and emotional trauma of such occurrences.

Car jacking, aggravated burglary and stalking cover is worldwide, apart from those countries listed on the Foreign Office 'Travel Warnings' list.

Range of unique liability covers included

Worldwide legal liability cover for you and your family. Cover for limits up to €12.7Million available Automatic cover for you and your family when you hire or borrow vehicles in the US/Canada.

Travel insurance included

With Masterpiece and Signature the majority of home policies automatically include travel insurance. This protects the whole family and any domestic staff residing with the policyholder. It provides some of the most generous limits available.