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The Marine Department at Chubb employs a team of transportation professionals with experience of seagoing and port operations, and freight forwarding to provide support to our underwriters, claims adjusters, brokers and clients in the assessment of risk and safe delivery of different cargo types worldwide.

In addition we can call upon the services of other Chubb Transport Professionals worldwide and a large network of local contract specialists.Services include the following:

Reviews and Audits of Logistics Supply Chains
  • Contracts of carriage including service level agreements.
  • Carriers security measures
  • Fire, security and handling precautions at third party warehouses and storage sites.
Packing Surveys

Despite the improvement in packaging materials and techniques over the years, problems with poor or in-appropriate packaging still occur.Chubb Transportation Risk Managers can advise clients and their suppliers on suitable preparation and packing of goods and especially of equipment being sent to countries with high humidity or extreme weather conditions and also where long term storage within packaging is envisaged. Chubb have an expertise in packing and shipment of cold chain products in the pharmaceutical sector.

Vessel Suitability Reviews

Desktop or physical inspections of vessels carrying sensitive cargoes or where vessels are over 20 years old as requested by underwriters or clients. Includes review and advice on vessel chartering procedures.

Project Cargo Risk Management
  • Approval of vessels to be used
  • Review and approval of method statements for the inland transit, loading to vessel, discharge and onward carriage
  • Checking of route surveys to site
  • Supervision of securing critical Items onto ocean vessel or barge
  • Barge sail away approvals
Provision of Training and Educational Services