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Identifying Environmental Risk

We all have a responsibility to ensure that our enterprise doesn’t adversely impact our environment. Are your clients aware of their risks? Are they protected? And if the worst case scenario does happen, what plans are in place to minimise the damage?

Environmental Risk Product

We offer a broad range of protection for environmental risks. Understand the products available to protect your clients

Gaps in cover

Your client is already covered. Or are they? Gaps in cover might seem an acceptable risk, but where the environment is concerned, the damage can be vast. Don’t get caught out. We’ve outlined some common exposures right here, based on our ongoing experience in the field.

Environmental Incident Alert

A complimentary programme to assist insureds contact qualified incident-response contractors, monitor clean-up costs and mitigate the potential liabilities associated with environmental releases.

Meet the team

Our Environmental Risk team have a wealth of experience and technical knowledge. Find out who to contact and how they can help manage your clients’ risks.

Contact us

John Cotter
Head of Development, Ireland Region

Tips & Resources

Businesses today face growing financial, operational, and reputational risk for environmental damage. Learn how to better understand your exposure.