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At Chubb, we selected specialist consultants to deliver a range of risk management solutions and services designed to meet the needs of businesses.

Standard Risk Management Services

  • Accident and incident investigation: This seminar trains line managers and safety professionals to investigate accidents and incidents objectively with a view to identifying the underlying and root causes. It covers the quality of evidence and improves document collection and collation.
  • Avoiding underground utilities: A practical assessment against industry best practice of the systems employed by clients in the utilities and construction sectors to avoid striking underground pipes and cables.
  • Claims defence audit: An exercise to test the resilience of the claims defence process, examining a sample of real or potential claims to expose any systemic vulnerabilities and to make practical recommendations for improvement.
  • Machinery guarding audit: A systematic and detailed audit of machinery against the requirements of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998. The product is a prioritised set of recommendations to ensure compliance and to reduce the risks to workers of operating, maintaining and cleaning work equipment.
  • Manual handling and lifting: An assessment of the manual handling tasks specific to a particular workplace, leading to the development of safe systems of work and a tailored training programme. The programme, which includes continuing support, has been shown to reduce manual handling injuries by as much as 90% in its first year.
  • RiskMap assessment: RiskMap is the Chubb risk management assessment tool. It provides a qualitative and quantitative assessment of risk management standards and claims defence capabilities in even the most complex operations.
  • Safety culture evaluation: An assessment of the behavioural aspects of a company’s safety culture, including observations, interviews and document reviews. The product is a detailed report and recommendations, which are followed up with an action planning seminar.
  • Slip and trips audit: This audit examines the interaction between policy, training, supervision, cleaning regimes, footwear provision and flooring specification to provide an integrated set of recommendations to control this key exposure across industries.
  • Supervisor training: A workshop to equip supervisors with the technical, communication and interpersonal skills to recognise and respond effectively to breaches of health and safety rules by their staff.
  • Workplace transport review: An in-depth review of transport management and activity, considering the movement of goods vehicles, lift trucks, pallet trucks and pedestrians, to produce detailed risk assessments and workplace transport management policies.