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Employees in all types of businesses purchase Chubb’s market-leading Group Personal Accident cover to protect against a loss by death or injury. It’s either provided as a contractual benefit to staff, or the company takes the benefits and it provides a range of payments and assistance in the event of an employee being accidentally injured or killed.

Product Benefits

  • Single payment (flat amount, or multiple of salary) for death, loss of limbs/eyes, or permanent total disablement following an accidental event
  • Weekly benefits for temporary, total or partial disablement
  • Flexibility to purchase death only cover or to exclude death cover


  • Death
  • Loss of limbs / eyes
  • Permanent total disability

Caring and Fast Claims Service

Chubb’s Group Personal Accident cover pays out fast because the policy does not require negligence to be proven before a claim can be settled. From start to finish, our industry-wide recognised claims team is focused on helping businesses protect their most valuable assets – their people and the bottom line.

A Case Study

A company purchased Occupational Personal Accident cover for its delivery drivers. When one of the drivers was involved in a serious road traffic accident, the policy provided a weekly benefit to the company in order for them to secure a temporary replacement driver during the period of absence.

The examples of claims or situations on this site do not imply that similar circumstances would constitute a valid claim. Each claim is reviewed individually in accordance with the specific policy wording.