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Global Services

Our team of Global Services Executives understand various cultures,  rules and regulations relating to global insurance. They work closely with our underwriters to ensure that we offer considered programme structures which comply with local regulations whilst also meeting the needs of our clients. They ensure that programmes are implemented within our strict service standards with full transparency and that the Chubb offices and partner insurers around the world issue the policies and any certificates on time and accurately.

Whilst it will always be the quality of our people that will be the true driver of our service excellence,  they are supported by innovative technology to help implement and manage our global programmes.

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Clive Slattery
Industry Practices Manager

Chubb Worldview

  • Track policy issuance and updates
  • Obtain copies of local policies and certificates
  • Access country-specific research
  • View multinational standards
  • Run custom reports
  • Find programme contact information


Claims are the acid test of any insurance programme and this is even more important for a multinational programme
Claims – particularly if overseas - can be very complex and involve multiple parties. Our global claims handlers have the knowledge and expertise to manage the process ensuring clients receive an effective, efficient and fair resolution.

Why is a Multinational Programme Useful?

  • ability to define and implement the level of risk that should be retained and insured by each overseas subsidiary
  • one global insurer can use its managed network to put consistent insurance coverage in place across the client’s global operations
  • the global insurer will work to common standards and can also provide a local service, e.g. claims handling and the provision of certificates.
  • understanding the financial strength of the insurer
  • concern about operating compliantly in all territories - Chubb has knowledge and expertise in the regulatory and legal arenas of global insurance