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We enable business partners from various industry sectors to benefit from their partnerships with Chubb.


e-payment Platforms/Payment Card Companies

Refund Protection, Payment Protection, Personal Cyber Protection and Bill Protection are some insurance products designed by Chubb for e-payment platforms/payment card companies to improve the confidence level of their customers.

With enhanced confidence, the higher transaction frequency and amount will transform into higher revenues for the payment players.

Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

Some of the world’s leading financial institutions partnered Chubb in offering general insurance products through their own distribution channels. Leveraging online, mobile, telemarketing as well as in-branch sales, the banks’ customers are segmented based on their profiles so that the right product is offered at the right time and at the right price.

At the heart of every successful campaign is the customer analyses produced by Chubb’s data analytics teams. They’re located at global, regional and local levels to conduct detailed assessments of our customers’ lifestyles and behaviours. This means that we’re able to deliver targeted strategies and campaigns such as timed and sequenced offers, increasing our customers’ propensity for purchase in the process. We also have established data security systems and processes in place to safeguard customer data.




Travel has become so affordable with popular destinations having several low cost airlines (LCCs) landing on their soil. To keep the cost of an air ticket affordable, LCCs are known for relying on their ancillary income such as travel insurance to sustain their operating costs. From in-path purchase to re-targeting and ‘welcome back’ offers, Chubb’s travel insurance IT platform powers connectivity and sales with our travel partners.

Chubb has a team of dedicated Actuarial and Analytics professionals to help our partners drive revenue optimisation and predictive analytics. Sophisticated reporting and portfolio management utilising Google Analytics data coupled with real-time policy data within Chubb dashboards enable a single view of production and profitability. 

Brick & Mortar Travel Agencies

With thinning margins and loss of airline commissions, brick & mortar travel agencies were one of the earliest businesses to be disrupted by the industry’s need to ‘Simplify their Business’. 

Then, the advent of travel e-commerce websites accelerated the need to look for additional revenue streams. Travel insurance offered to walk-in customers became an important source of revenue for the brick & mortar agencies. Customers value the convenience of booking their travel at one place, on one trip and in one payment.

Online Travel Agencies

Online Travel Agencies

From online to mobile, online travel agencies (OTAs) have won many fans from tech-savvy customers. Bearing in mind the convenience of booking travel at one place, on one trip and in one payment, OTAs have successfully applied a similar strategy by offering travel insurance to their customers.


Retailers & e-Retailers

Increasing foot traffic for retailers and online traffic for e-retailers, as well as enlarging the basket size of their customers, are common goals of retail players. Amidst rising cost and changing shopping behaviour, retail players are starting to recognise the value of adding insurance to complement their products.

For example, customers purchasing electronic appliances will appreciate the added value of Specified Contents Protection. Bill protection can be bundled with premium toys for middle-class families with children.


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Affinity & Membership

Organisations Associations and clubs, and players in the loyalty programs business are constantly looking at ways to enhance loyalty of their members with value added products and services. Leveraging on insurance products is an effective one way to do so.  

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Insurance Agents & Brokers

Insurance agents and brokers who serve the business sector are a traditional distribution channel for Chubb. They can value add their service by offering appropriate insurance plans for the employees’ family members of their corporate clients who are otherwise un-protected or under-protected.

Specially developed insurance products for individuals and families can be offered by the employers at preferred rates to the employees at no cost to the employers. The employees will see their employers as an Employer of Choice for having access to relevant protection plans.

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Telcos/Mobile Network Operators

Telcos/Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are concerned with reducing churn, improving subscriber base and loyalty, as well as increasing Average Revenue per User (ARPU) and Net Promoter Score.

Chubb offers tailored insurance plans for device protection, personal cyber protection and lifestyle products such as home contents and personal accident to enable telcos/MNOs to add value to their customers.

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Sharing Economy

With the growing popularity of the sharing players such as Grab and Airbnb, opportunities abound with consumers benefiting from cheaper options. Add insurance protection and there is greater security and trust as their risk exposure is minimised.

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