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Being in business comes with its fair share of risks. When those risks present themselves in the form of lawsuits, it can cause considerable stress and anxiety. Chubb offers in-house litigation resources to ensure you get prompt and fair resolution of claims, all while controlling claims costs.

  • Chubb’s Litigation Management Unit (LMU) provides you with the highest quality legal services in a smart, fiscally responsible way. In collaboration with you, your defence counsel and examiner will vigorously explore resolution methods such as arbitration and mediation to achieve a desired outcome.
  • Chubb’s Canadian House Counsel has over a decade of experience providing our policyholders with experienced and skilled legal representation. The team has experience in civil actions arising from property/auto, casualty, employment and D&O claims. House Counsel facilitates a thorough investigation of civil actions and accurate assessments of each case, which often translate to early and efficient case resolution while acting in partnership with our insureds to ensure they are updated and prepared during every step of the litigation process. Cost-effective without compromising on quality; House Counsel retention is a smart business decision.

Talk to your Claims Adjuster or click here to learn more or for a list of firms and locations. (house counsel link above should be updated to include Toronto office)

For more information, download this informative brochure about Chubb Legal Services. (document to be updated)

House Counsel Contacts:

Larry J. Kielbowich
Managing Lawyer & Senior Litigation Counsel
Direct: 416-359-3187

Jonathan Levy
Litigation Counsel
Direct: 416-359-3235

Jordan Elmore
Litigation Counsel
Direct: 416-359-3219