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Chubb Life ready to provide you income opportunity and life stability

Income and Benefits

The more you do, the more you gain, as rewards are based on your own contribution. Flexible working schedule, you can manage by yourself. Moreover, you can enjoy bonuses, fringe benefits, and traveling abroad opportunities.

Sales Commission being provided monthly on first year and renewal year premiums

Recruitment Bonus being paid after successful recruitment and issue a new agent code for the first time Semiannual Bonus given at half year and year end based on sales production
Career Benefit being offered monthly based on continuous performance and contribution 

Life and Health Insurance covering life, IPD and OPD protection

Loyalty Fund based on certain percentage of sales commission given at 10th year anniversary or death

Sales Support Tools

To help you serve customers with more efficiency, speed, and convenience through online channel

Agent Management Services (AMS): 
A website access for sales team to check policy status; policy approval and issuance, claim process and approval, product details, customer policies, commission and benefit monthly report, including company’s news and announcements 
eSMART: A mobile application to access customers’ data and their policies, to save prospects’ details and  information, to generate  sales quotation and present to customers, including submitting application online

Marketing Support and Media

To present brand, products promotion, and agency recruitment all year round through advertising and marketing event

Brand Building
- Advertising in 22 airports nationwide
- Digital billboards in 15 key cities
- Publications
- Website banners- Ads on social networks
Sales Generation- Marketing events
- Collateral materials
- Sales lead ads on Facebook and Instagram
- Quarterly e-newsletters
- Product recommendation through direct marketing
Agent Recruitment
- Seminar arrangement nationwide
- Recruitment billboards in front of agency offices
- Agent interviews on newspaper
- Agency activities on publications in Bangkok and upcountry
- VDO shooting of successful agent stories

Training Courses

Even no working experience, Chubb Life is ready to support you and enhance your capabilities and professionalism with specially designed training courses.

Fundamental Courses for Life Insurance Agents
- Training for agent license exam
- Basic underwriting rules
- Products and riders
- Financial knowledge

Advanced Courses for Professional Life Insurance Agents 
- Orientation Fast Start (OFC)
- Quick Start
- Smart Pattern of Selling (SPS)
- Perfect Agent (PA)
- Super Agent (SA)
- Pre Agent Leader

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