5 things you need to do to prevent water leakage at home

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5 things you need to do to prevent water leakage at home

Published Jul 2022
water leakage

Water leaks can destroy your property. As a house owner, you should be prepared to prevent water damage by understanding the possible causes, observing the warning signs , and learning how to avoid the situation.

Here are some suggestions:


  1. Regularly check household equipment for leaks

    A small leak may cause tremendous damage if it is not fixed immediately. Be sure to regularly check household equipment and appliances where leaks are commonly found:

        •    Under-kitchen sinks: Find out the source of the leak. If it comes from the faucet, the O-ring has likely worn out and should be replaced. But if it comes from a pipe joint, you should engage a plumber for a thorough examination.    

        •    Running toilets: Leaks are usually due to corroded sealant, which can be easily fixed.

        •    Refrigerators: Leaks are often the result of a worn-out rubber seal that prevents the door from shutting properly, and thus needs to be replaced. Another common cause is the clogging of the refrigerator drain by food debris, so make sure the drain is cleared regularly.

  2. Ensure a clear drainage system

    A drainage system clogged by leaves, moss, or garbage, especially during heavy rain, may result in rainwater draining too slowly, leading to a property-damaging flood.        

    An easy prevention measure is to clear the drains and gutters of garbage and leaves regularly to allow water to be drained quickly.

  3. Plan your landscape

    When designing your landscape, keep in mind that you should avoid growing a big tree or otherwise grow it in an appropriate spot. The tree’s roots may destroy the walls and underground plumbing system, leading to leaks and more significant issues.

  4. Install a water leak detector

    A water leak detector is designed to detect humidity with high sensitivity and signal when a leak is detected. It can be installed near an appliance that tends to leak, such as a water heater, washing machine, and toilet.

    There are many types of water leak detectors: some only provide a signal when a water leak is detected, some are designed for specific areas, while others indicate the leak's location on top of the signal, saving you from having to search for the leaking spot.

  5. Know where the main valve is

    Basic water leak handling is knowing where the main valve is in case of an emergency, such as a broken pipe, so you can turn off the correct valve. If you plan to be away from home for a long time, you should shut the valve to prevent water leaks while you are not around.


For condominium residents, apart from preventing water leaks in your room, you should be prepared to cope with water leaks from other rooms as well, such as from the room on the upper floor that may cause damage to your property.

With house or condominium insurance, you can rest assured that your house or property is covered in case of an emergency resulting from water damage and other threats. Not sure whether you need home insurance? Read more about it here and find out how to choose the right solution that meets your needs.



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