5 Signs of Water Leakage in Your Home

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5 Signs of Water Leakage in Your Home

Published Mar 2022
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Water leakage is a major risk facing house owners that can incur significant expenses from unexpectedly large water bills and high repair costs, among others. Learning about the common warning signs will help you recognize or identify a potential water leakage in your home:


  1. Unusually high-water bills

    For instance, if your monthly water bill is around 300 baht, but the latest bill comes in at 500 baht despite consistent water usage or consumption. This could suggest an issue with the plumbing system (e.g., deteriorated joints, weakened adhesive between pipes), causing water to seep and run all the time. 

  2. An always-on water pump

    Most houses have an automatic water pump control system where the pump continues running when the water is turned on and stops after the tap is turned off or not in use. If the pump keeps running even when you're not using water, you should immediately check that all faucets are completely turned off and identify the cause. An unknown cause could be a sign of leakage in the water supply system.

    At this point, you should engage a professional or a plumber who can identify other potential reasons that are not immediately visible (e.g., underground water pipes damaged by tree roots). 

  3. Low water pressure

    Reduced water pressure around your house could be caused by a broken pipe, defective plumbing connector, or hole inside the pipe.  

  1. Water stains, mold stains, algae on the ceiling or the wall

    These stains usually occur in bathrooms, kitchens, washing areas, or other areas with regular water usage. This could be due to leakage from a broken plumbing pipe under the ceiling or embedded in the wall, resulting in water seepage and stains. 

  2. Some areas being subsidence

    If you notice areas with cracks or more subsided than other areas in the house, this can be another warning sign of a long-term water leak from a pipe, resulting in subsided or weakened soil in those areas. However, it may be difficult to check such subsidence areas by yourself. Thus, it is best to seek help from a professional to check as soon as possible.


    Moreover, the installation of the wrong type of plumbing and unsuitable for safety standards is also a problem. In the meantime, all risks for your property also crucial, you can learn more about the risk of house fires by clicking here.


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