6 High Risk Areas of House Fire

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6 High Risk Areas of House Fires for Home Lovers

Published Mar 2022
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A home is a place that offers happiness, warmth, and safety. Our daily life begins here every morning, and it is where we spend most of our time. Safety around the home is therefore critical and should not be overlooked, especially safety from unexpected incidents that cause great damage and loss, such as fire. So, let’s see what are the six places of risk that home lovers should be aware of.


  1. Kitchen

    The kitchen has the highest risk of fire as it is where all electrical appliances are assembled, including the refrigerator, microwave, and gas stove. Fire can occur here for many reasons, including use of electrical appliances that fail to meet standards, short circuit, forgetting to turn the stove off or neglecting to turn off the valve which causes gas to leak, to name but a few.

  2. Bedroom

    In a bedroom there are a number of fabric materials like bed sheets, curtains, rugs, clothes, all of which are highly flammable and excellent fire conductor. Most people usually leave their mobile phone charged by their bed before bedtime and if the mobile device is not standardized, it can cause a short circuit that can lead to house fire. In addition, lighting a scented candle and falling asleep, smoking in the bedroom, unchecked electrical control panels, and the use of non-standard electrical outlets can also be a cause of fire in your home.

  3. Dressing room or dressing table

    There may be a variety of electrical hair styling equipment in a dressing room or on a dressing table, for instance hair dryers, straighteners, and curlers, to mention a few. If this equipment is not of TIS standard or if they contain damaged wires, they can cause a short circuit. When an electrical appliance is used together with hairspray and the spray mist enters the heating coil, the mist may ignite and cause a fire. This is because the inside of the aerosol can is filled with LPG gas, which is flammable.

  4. Bathroom

    Even if the bathroom is a wet area, it is another location at risk of fire. Most often, the cause is an internal short-circuit current, or the water heater temperature controller being broken or worn out.

  5. Prayer room

    Lighting candles, incense sticks and leaving them in a prayer room unattended could be a risk of fire incidents, especially if they were forgotten and left unextinguished. A lit candle or ashes from incense sticks could fall on a rug or wooden floor which can become an origin of a house fire.

  6. Lawn

    A few examples of lawn fire risks worth considering are for example, a yard grilling party or smoking and throwing cigarette butts that have not been completely put out in the yard. These activities can lead to sparks of flame falling on dry grasses and catches fire. With the yard grilling party, if coals are not being properly extinguished afterwards,  hot and flammable ashes may fall on the dry grasses, dry leaves, or combustible garbage piles leading to a fire. These actions are some of the causes that can accidentally start a house fire.


In addition to the six risk points for house fires mentioned above, we would like everyone to be aware that house fires may be caused by outsiders, such as contractors, who come to work inside the house for various activities, for example, spark welding or thinner paint spray can create risks.

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