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Chubb Life Stories

When the unexpected happens to you or a family member, having the additional worry of financial pressure taken away can be life changing.

Hear from some of our customers who have generously shared the stories of their claims, and how having the right protection in place has made all the difference.

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Protecting my income

John's Story

Following a series of health issues and frightening dizzy spells, numerous hospital visits with few answers, John Murrie, a Senior Lecturer at Massey University’s School of Aviation discovered he had a fist-sized tumour at the base of his brain stem. After critical surgery, John’s long road to rehabilitation began. 

Watch John’s story and find out why having Trauma Cover and Income Protection in place has been so vital to his recovery. 


Protecting my business
Protecting my business

Dave's Story

A year after a serious mountain biking accident, Dave Jensen was still struggling to hold a knife and fork. Dave was riding a downhill track when he missed a landing on a large jump and crashed, resulting in several compound fractures through his forearms.

Dave shares his story about working with an Independant Financial Adviser and why taking out Assurance Extra Business Cover saved his Lower Hutt business.

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Protecting my family

Derick's Story

In 2021, Derick Gouws was diagnosed with cancer. He was able to claim on his Chubb Life Trauma Cover which helped him and his family through the costs associated with being off work and recovery. Then, devastatingly, in August 2023 he was told the cancer had come back and he had three months to live.

Watch Derick’s story about the importance of having the right cover in place, and how it can help a family during one of life’s most difficult times.

Protecting my health
Protecting my health

Phil's Story

Following a congenital heart disease diagnosis, contractor Phil Davenport had little choice but to book the surgery he’d been putting off for years, mainly due to the expense. Having not reviewed his insurance cover for many years, he didn’t realise the surgery, and other costs associated with his recovery could be paid for with the Chubb Life Trauma cover he’d had for several years.

Phil’s story shows why it’s important to regularly review your cover and understand the policies you might need, or in Phil’s case, already have in place.

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Protecting my livelihood

Marty's Story

In February 2023, Martynas (Marty) Sinkus, a young contract milk farmer crushed his thumb in a hydraulic post driver and was rushed to Dunedin hospital to have surgery. Marty and his wife Nuki work very hard to keep their business running, so the injury was potentially devastating to their livelihood.

Watch the video to find out how Chubb Life Assurance Extra Business cover helped Marty and Nuki’s business continuity and recovery.

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More than just life insurance

The right life insurance can you bring peace of mind from knowing that you've protected what matters most.

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